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The Academy of Leadership (AOL) @ the School for Leadership Development (SLD) supports the building of effective leadership in The Salvation Army.  Officers, employees and volunteer leaders throughout the organization, regardless of their appointment, position or title, have access to the training curriculum and leadership developmental resources offered through AOL@SLD.   Click on the “Most Frequently Asked Questions” below for information about the process that Army leaders follow to enroll in the Academy of Leadership.


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AOL@SLD Curriculum

      • God has called us to work in community. The Academy of Leadership curriculum focuses on developing teambuilding skills because God has called us to work in community to achieve mission.  Effective teams have identified their common purpose and learned the skills required for cooperating with each other.  Click here for more about developing teambuilding skills.

The Academy of Leadership @ School for Leadership Development curriculum offers adult leadership development that is skills-based and Salvation Army mission-infused.