Leaders at every level in The Salvation Army can develop or enhance individual leadership skills that help them to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Feel valued and capable in their position
  • Build collaborative and trusting relationships
  • Work with others to get their work completed



Welcome To My Window Communication Module – Learn how information is selected, interpreted and organized during communication.  Work with others to discover individual and collective communication styles.

“Having the Window communication training enabled the leadership team to learn how to more effectively communicate with one another and why certain approaches were necessary for specific communication styles” Quenton Tompkins Executive Director Kroc Center South Carolina.


Building Trust Under Pressure – Learn to apply six “basic principles” that help build credibility and trust, maintain a positive work environment and defuse highly-charged situations with others.

 “I now communicate and relate better.  I don’t always succeed but certainly feel less stressed and less conflict when I apply the principles from the training” Nick Simmons-Smith Territorial Music Secretary.


OTHER FOUNDATIONAL MODULES (see description in the course catalog that can be downloaded)

Assessing Leadership Readiness pg. 15Course-Cataloge-2014-Booklet-1

Conflict Management pg. 16

Connecting with Others pg. 17

Workload Management pg. 26

Workskills: Steps to Your Success pg. 27

Reaching for Stellar Service pg. 20