Moving into a supervisory role becomes less challenging when leaders are given the opportunity to develop or enhance their supervisory skills.



Module 1 and 2 for Supervisory Skills



Maximizing Your Supervisory Potential –Is designed for

Individuals transitioning into new supervisory

roles and who are learning to grapple with strategy, deliver

concrete results and improve their ability to supervise

the work of others (see pg. 22).




Managing The Performance of Others pg. 21

Needs-Based Coaching  pg. 23

Problem Solving Results pg. 24

Creating Stellar Customer Relations (Manager Version) pg. 19





jonathan-rich-for-supervisorys-skills-pageWe have had the opportunity in Memphis to have Major Holz and her team with us for the first installment of Kroc staff training that will extend over the next couple of years.  We were very impressed with the quality of the teaching and content and we believe that the overall approach will pay big dividends toward the effectiveness of our team.  The ongoing support, online learning and exercises, and unlimited access to the personnel at the Jack McDowell School are top notch and greatly appreciated.


Major Jonathan Rich
Area Commander
The Salvation Army
Memphis TN