iLead is an approach to developing women leaders in the Southern Territory, rooted in the Territorial Vision statement and supported by the Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development (SLD).

iLead explores four (4) concepts in developing continuous leadership within each community. “i” emphasizes the sense of ownership and responsibility the women have in the ministry of the corps.

The four concepts are:


Locating the gifts and interests of leaders and future leaders in the corps is the foundation for this method.

Just as the body has many parts, women are gifted in various ways. Knowing (locating) the strengths of the women in your corps will assist in positioning them where their gifts can be best used and will allow them to thrive and excel in leadership. In addition, locating the needs of the community is a vital component to placing women in the best suited leadership roles. WHO they are, WHAT appeals to them and WHERE their strengths are is a core concept in developing lasting leadership within the corps community.


Spiritual Gifts Test: Spiritual Gifts Assessment
Interest Survey: Information Profile Sheet


After potential leaders have been located, the next step would be to equip these leaders by providing resources and training.

As Christ has equipped His followers for leadership, it is in turn their responsibility, through Him, to equip local leaders. By equipping, leaders are given a sense of ownership in the ministry of their corps. This is to be implemented on an individual basis.


Since this process is based up the needs of those you lead please feel free to contact our office for a consultation or resources about how to better equip your partners and leaders. Also please feel free to check us out on Facebook to learn about upcoming events.


Showing appreciation through encouragement for the work of the local leaders will then fuel continuous leadership.

When the women are empowered it is important that we begin putting them to work. Part of this process is accepting and validating the use of their gifts in leadership and service.  This is more than a once a year appreciation dinner. It is a continual investment in a relationship.


And most importantly, creating an environment of healthy discipleship and spiritual growth with nurture the ongoing ministry to its full potential.

This final step is key in developing stability in our developing leaders.  This is mentoring at its finest form as we seek “being led more by Jesus, leading more like Jesus, and leading more to Jesus.” (Pue).  Our desire should be to mold women to be Christ-centered by pointing them beyond themselves to Christ.


The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development has many tools available that are designed to help you grow in your journey with Christ. Check out our Facebook or the iLead:Women in Ministry Facebook page for additional resources.