Are you looking for an effective yet easy way
to provide helpful training for your leaders?

Lunch & Lead Series

The Lunch & Lead lesson series provides a great way to improve communications, develop skills, build team spirit, raise morale and establish a more caring climate among individuals. Each Lunch & Lead Unit is developed around a theme, with four or more sessions in a Unit. Each session is  designed to fit into a 45 minute lunch hour and you can hold Lunch & Lead sessions once a week or once a month . . . the schedule can be varied to fit your needs. Sessions are also designed with everyone in mind. So anyone involved with the Army in your command area can benefit ~ corps leaders, employees, board members  ~ everyone could be encouraged to participate.

So browse the Lunch & Lead Units, download the Unit information you need and get started!

Leader Development Series

Welcome to the Leader Development Series presented by the Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development, in cooperation with and based on, EQUIP’s Million Leader Mandate materials. We are excited to offer this leadership material that can be used to encourage, equip and enliven the current leaders in your area and prepare them to be ready for service.

As indicated by EQUIP, this Leader Development Series will serve to train, grow and equip leaders through lessons that focus on the development of the following key dimensions of a leader’s life:

1. Spiritual Formation ~ Building the leader on the inside (Matthew 7:24-25)
2. Skill Formation ~ The practical doing part of leadership (Psalms 78:70-72)
3. Strategic Formation ~ Compound, or multiplying, results in ministry (Mark 1:16-17)

So browse the Leader Development Series, download the information for the Unit you would like to use and get started!