The Lunch and Lead lesson series provides a great way to improve communications, develop skills, build team spirit, raise morale and establish a more caring climate among individuals. Each Lunch & Lead Unit is developed around a theme, with four or more sessions in a Unit. Each session is  designed to fit into a 45 minute lunch hour and you can hold Lunch & Lead sessions once a week or once a month . . . the schedule can be varied to fit your needs. Sessions are also designed with everyone in mind. So anyone involved with the Army in your command area can benefit ~ corps leaders, employees, board members  ~ everyone could be encouraged to participate.

Download the Leaders Information Packet to get started with your Lunch & Lead.

Lunch & Lead Units:

Leadership Is

Session 1 – Leadership Is Influence
Session 2 – Leadership Is In Every Position
Session 3 – Leadership Is Talent
Session 4 – Leadership Is A Spiritual Gift

Additional Leadership Is Resource Links:

Conflict CPR

Session 1 – Introduction
Session 2 – Commitment: Making an Effort Regardless
Session 3 – Preparation: Motives Make a Difference
Session 4 – Response: Moving from Conflict to Peace

Additional Conflict Resource Links:
Kilmann & Thomas Styles of Approaching Conflict
Adult Personal Conflict Style Inventory
“What Are Your Hot Buttons?” Test