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This activity-driven training will introduce practical tools, techniques, and strategies that ministry leaders and managers can use to manage conflict effectively.
It will give participants a process for managing conflict with all levels that encourages shared solutions and builds constructive work relationships.
Finally, this training will assist in providing the necessary confidence to effectively manage and turn around conflict situations in a clear and constructive manner.

Our Next Level Conversation Module is interactive, meant to deepen and broaden the Windows Communication or serves as a stand-alone module to ‘prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success’ in teams and groups within and/or between an organization(s). A series of activities drive the learning and keeps participants meaningfully engaged.

Rhythms of our reactions and responses have already been set by our family of origin, important people, and circumstances of our life. A large part of our emotional wellness is tied to these factors. Learn Your Dance Style uncovers hidden messages and connects important narratives in the life of each person that contributes or detracts from emotional health. Research has elevated emotional health and intelligence as a greater predictor/indicator of success in the workplace than intelligence. Learning your dance style is a must for effective and productive work and relationships.

It has always been true but never more poignantly than now: change is the only stable element of our lives. Discover how change can be managed in healthy ways without becoming overwhelmed. This module will help to prepare, equip, and support individuals, teams, and groups to adopt what is necessary in arena of change.

Working through volumes of possible decisions effectively is no small chore. We all want to make logical, informed decisions. The Critical Thinking Skills module offers interactive ways to recognize and develop necessary proficiencies and competences that will enable your very best possible decisions based in fact, data, and understanding.

1. Building Bridges the Army Way
2. Building Trust in the Workplace
3. Building Healthy Teams
Each of these modules offers tools and skills around the ability to build a healthy and effective approach to the use of resources, the building of relationships, and the promotion of effective interaction and production in teams.

Communication is God’s idea. Participants learn how they and others select, interpret and organize information. They receive a personal profile and work collectively with the group composite.

Participants discover the three psychological needs everyone brings to their ministry and/or workplace and move collectively through interactive activities to identify the strengths and opportunities they can build on in their own team.

The Anatomy of Influence is an exciting course that will provide insight into what most leadership gurus would say is the secret sauce to successful leadership. In a time when many people strive for positional authority, research continues to point to the fact that relationship capital yields far better results than ruling with an iron fist. As a participant, you will engage and learn information that will:
-Discuss the major components of influence
-Delineate between control and influence
-Disclose effective strategies for increasing one’s influence with their teams

The Real Power of Leadership is Influence!

The first module in the series, focuses on purpose, vision and core values. It is an experiential discovery process that assists a Christ-follower in discovering and clarifying their LIFE DIRECTION and PERSONAL CALLING. It is for leaders seeking greater focus and clarity of their calling.

All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

The second module in the series, focuses on clarity of one’s major role and unique contribution. It is designed to help a leader gain perspective on their life and climb to a new understanding of what it is that God is calling them to contribute for His Kingdom. It is for leaders seeking personal clarity and/or those in transition needing insight into what’s next.

All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

(Prerequisite Module: Focused Living).

The third module in the series, focuses on legacy, contribution and finishing well. It will help leaders identify that which rings true in terms of their influence throughout life, and how leaders can deposit their insights into others. It is for leaders who want to develop a strategy to finish well.

All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

(Prerequisite Module: APEX).

This module examines the connection of spiritual & emotional maturity and how to realize an emotionally healthy leadership, as seen in the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero.

All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Come to the Table is a journey of exploration to uncover the various ways we develop both as a disciple and as a leader for the Kingdom of God! The purpose in taking the journey is both personal and collective as we look at what it means to follow God (discipleship) and lead God’s people (leadership). And in that order! Come to the Table is a three-part series designed to offer flexibility that meets the scheduling needs of participants. (This course can be taken online or onsite)

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