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Welcome To My Window

Communication is God’s idea. Participants learn how they select, interpret and organize information. Each receives a personal communication profile that reveals personal preferences and style(s) of their communication.  The team/group works collectively to better understand how to implement appropriate communication styles that will increase effectiveness and interactions in the teams.

Building Trust

Participants learn to apply six “Basic Principles” which help earn credibility and trust; build a wide network of effective relationships; maintain positive environments, and defuse highly-charged situations with others. This module pairs well with Welcome to My Window.

Resolving Conflict with your Peers

Provides participants with a process for resolving conflicts with their peers that encourages shared solutions and builds constructive work relationships.

Person & Practices of a Leader

 Participants interactively explore the character of Godly leadership and what it means as a leader to operate out of the cycle of grace rather than the cycle of grief. The practices are practical helps in any ministry team.

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