From the Director’s Desk – August 2013


Teamwork requires trust, respect, collaboration and continual learning.  These four elements give individuals on any team a place to begin to reflect upon their ability to contribute effectively.  Severely compromise any one of them and you will cripple the effectiveness of the team to complete its goals.

While there are times when it is most effective and efficient to work alone, it is not most of the time.  We run into our boundaries very quickly.  Those boundaries may be connected to gaps in our skill sets, in our knowledge and understanding, in resources to implement, in ideas to move forward, in man-power to get things done.  Gaps in this context are really our boundaries.  We do not have all knowledge and we cannot own every skill.  Therefore, we surround ourselves with excellent people whom we can trust and respect and with whom we are willing to collaborate and continue learning together.

Teamwork is the theme of August’s Mission Mover.  Please consider taking the assessment found on our Leader Builder.  Where are your gaps?  What do you need to consider as you run up against your own individual and team boundaries?

The School for Leadership Development team has just completed training (continual learning!) in the areas of Leadership Development and Customer Service.  Our presentation of any skill development is Christ-centered and mission-infused.  You will see three of the cornerstone modules highlighted in our Leader Builder newsletter.  Take the time to click through for more information.

We are pleased to add to our team, via the web, a godly servant and knowledgeable woman in the person of Denise Kennedy.   Denise has written an article on the health of the body and will be further introduced to you in months to come.  Denise has a vision to serve men and women in ministry by aiding them especially in the area of personal health so that they will have and maintain energy and vitality to complete the work God has given them.   She works with men and women in the Carolinas and will be assisting us in this important spiritual discipline by adding to our knowledge, understanding and offering exercises and helpful habits to develop.

As always, please look through our list of online, onsite and blended learning opportunities.  One or more of them may just be what you need to assist your team’s growth and development.

Enjoy these wonderful days of summer!

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