From the Director’s Desk – August 2014

“To paraphrase an old parable about a fish:  Give me a leader for a generation and I will perpetuate the organization for a generation.  Help me to develop leaders in every generation, and I will perpetuate the organization forever.” (Lorin Woolfe, Leadership Secrets from the Bible). 

As we consider the idea of pursuing goals and excellence, we must consistently include the goal of developing leaders.  In every age at every stage we need to make it one of our goals to invest in the life of at least one person in such a way that godly character, competencies and consistency of mission is grown forward.

Noel Tichy has written:  “A person may have all the traits of a leader, but if he or she doesn’t personally see to the development of new leaders, the organization won’t be sustainable.” (ibid, 200).

Goals and the pursuit of excellence are not to benefit the individual, alone, but the community in which that individual is placed.  It may be a church community, a family, a vocation and it certainly ought to be the church.  Most likely it is a combination of several of these entities.

Consider or reconsider your personal and/or team goals again.  What end result are you pursuing?  Who are you hoping to impact and influence?  Are they God-glorifying?  Who needs to be brought in to your goals and goal planning?  Pray into your goals a centeredness in Jesus, the resources that will help you achieve them and patience for the goals that will take a while to see fulfilled.

The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

Peruse the offerings this month.  Enjoy the articles and materials for your use.

We pray that the rest of your summer will be filled with His blessings!

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