Health and Ministry – The Connection

by Denise Kennedy

I’m amazed that July’s Leader Builder newsletter was focused on Networking and Connections.  The theme of connectedness captures the essence of my first article:  The Body, Mind and Spirit Connection.

I have been keenly aware of this correlation for a long time.   This mind, body, spirit connection has been a driving force as to the path I’ve taken in serving those around me.  I love the Lord Jesus with all of my heart and I know He loves me with an unconditional love

In my humanness, I must confess I have personally struggled with self-image and weight issues for many years.  I have wrestled with the question ‘Does self-image matter in the grand scheme of things?’  I have convinced myself (not fully) that how I feel about myself has no connection to how I relate to others or how I work alongside other believers.  However, I do know that how I feel about myself affects every other decision of the day.  It affects the way I dress and the way I interact with people.  It affects the effort I put into relationships with others (and myself).  It affects my activity level and confidence.  Why in the world would I think it doesn’t affect my relationship with my Heavenly Father or my ministry or my testimony?  Our Body, Mind & Spirit are one unit – gifts from above, endlessly interconnected; when one is out of sync it spills over into the others.

Since our focus is the “body” part of body, mind and spirit we shall explore how to achieve maximum physical health so that the 3 entities are functioning in  harmony.  The good news is that the ability to attain optimal health is not out of our reach, especially for us who are in Christ Jesus.  After all, did He not promise us life, that  we might have it more abundantly?  (John 10:10)

I believe God’s promise of abundance includes all areas of life –
spirit, mind and body.  I believe every gift He showers on us comes with a
message attached:       be thankful, be a good steward.  Our physical being
(our bodies) is one of those gifts.

You are ‘created in His image’ (Gen 1:27).  You are unique and beautiful: ‘and God
saw everything he had made and behold, it was very good’ (Gen 1:31)

 Our journey to reach optimal health and extraordinary vigor and stamina may
have twists and turns but we will continue to ‘press on toward the goal’

(Phil 3:14) to be all that He has created us to be.

 As we start making changes and new choices in our health journey we’ll discuss all
attributes of wellness.  After all, health is better defined this way:

not only as the absence of disease but the presence  of strength and vitality.

We’ll give our bodies the necessary tools to repair and heal.  I will often refer to
the 7-fold foundations of health and healing:

reduce inflammation;

restore energy;

support cleansing pathways;

remove toxins;

 eat pure;

physical fitness, and;

 emotional well-being.

I’m honored and privileged to start this journey with you, together we’ll choose
healthy living that allows each of us to fulfill our mission.

 At the onset we’ll look at what we are putting on our bodies.  Your skin is the
largest organ of the body, it is crucial to treat it with care.  Your body lotion
needs to allow your skin to breath, to sweat, to release toxins, take in water and
moisture.   One ingredient commonly found in many commercial lotions
prohibiting the normal skin function is mineral oil.   Mineral oil is an inexpensive
byproduct of gasoline production or other petrochemical products from
crude oil.  Mineral oil coats the skin and keeps it from breathing or letting toxins
out or moisture in.

 When you purchase a lotion the oils in the ingredients should be, by and large,
the same as the oils you ingest.  After all, what you put on your skin soon enters
the blood stream (that’s why the medicinal patches are becoming so popular).
Body lotion oils to look for are coconut, almond, sunflower, safflower and
vitamin E,  just to name a few.  Other options might include jojoba, lavender
and avocado.  So when it’s time to replace an old lotion with new, make a
healthier choice with oils that are actually good for your body and allow your
natural radiance to shine through.

Denise Kennedy lives outside Charlotte, NC.  She is a Nutritionist and
Certified Natural Chef.  She offers nutritional counseling and is passionate
about helping people reach their next level of health.

 Her passion is to serve those men and women who are in ministry by offering
counsel,  especially in the area of body health.

 She is an educator and public speaker.   You can find more information at

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