How to Mentor in the Midst of Change – 2nd Edition by Dr. Cheryl Granade Sullivan


“To be a mentor means to have a vision and enable others to participate in the vision and go on to be mentors themselves.”  Dr. Cheryl Granada Sullivan, author How to Mentor in the Midst of Change.

SullivanBook reviewed by:  Pamela Bosworth

A mentor is someone who walks beside you.  For many years, Dr. Cheryl Sullivan has walked beside leaders in The Salvation Army.  Her vision for the mentoring program at Evangeline Booth College, even in the midst of many changes, has demonstrated the application of mentoring knowledge and practices.

In her book, How to Mentor in the Midst of Change, Dr. Sullivan says, “Vision is the ability to see what could be, as opposed to only seeing what is there.”  She goes on to quote Deepak Chopra (2002) who wrote, “The outcome of any situation is defined in advance by the vision that goes into solving it.  Therefore inner qualities determine all results”.

Over the past four months, our MissionMover website has emphasized many of these inner leadership qualities such as maturity, emotional intelligence, integrity, and relationships. Dr. Sullivan meaningfully explores mentoring principles infused in the development of these and other leadership qualities.

Dr. Sullivan’s book is very timely because the one thing that leaders in this New Year can count on is facing expected and unanticipated change. Her book is full of practical strategies and activities that are invaluable for leaders who are already mentoring, as well as leaders who may be considering becoming a mentor or who are looking for a mentor to walk beside them.

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