Jack McDowell Endows Leadership School

My prayers have been answered

Two prayers have guided my life: Dear Father, help me find the purpose for my life. Dear Father, help me do the best I can, with what I have, where I am at all times.


The answer to the first prayer came when I was given the opportunity to use my talents to help The Salvation Army. The answer to the second prayer came in the form of successfully using my talents to achieve success that had never been achieved before in behalf of The Salvation Army. When one asks for God’s help for a purpose worthy of their ultimate usefulness, and commits their life to this purpose, miracles beyond belief will take place. As I entered the age of retirement, after serving The Salvation Army for 38 years, a third prayer came into being: “Dear Father, help me use the remainder of my life to continue my usefulness to The Salvation Army.” At the appropriate time this prayer was answered, in the form of an opportunity, to endow and sponsor The Salvation Army’s School for Leadership Development, the first school of its kind in the history of The Salvation Army. Now my usefulness will extend beyond my lifetime, and will touch the lives of the men and women who dedicate themselves and their talents to the service of mankind through officer ship in The Salvation Army. I could ask for no more than the knowledge that I have lived for a purpose worthy of my finest efforts.