Musings from Mark – Mark 3:13-19 Part 2

We have been camped out in Mark 3: 13 – 19 for two months now.

teamworkThis passage has helped us consider calling and networking.  Let’s remain camped here for one more month as we look at our theme of teamwork.

We talked about true networking being visualized as concentric circles.  True team work would provide the intersection of circles.  Each person would bring the best of who they are to the common vision and ensuing goals of the team.  You will see in the Director’s Desk article that  four important elements of a good team are trust, respect, collaboration and continual learning.  Our disciples in this passage had a sharp learning curve in every one of these areas.

Surely on Lake Galilee, the fishermen in the group had to have trust in each other and collaborate with each other as they drew in their catch.  Jesus was going to make them fishers of men—building on the principles they employed as fishermen and moving them into another arena. Not all were fishermen.  While the occupation of every disciple is not known, you had at least one (Matthew) who earned his living by extortion and likely the others were tradesmen of some sort.

The song from the musical OKLAHOMA comes to mind:  “O the farmers and the cowmen should be friends!”  ‘Should be’ might be correct but was it possible?  The fishermen and the tradesmen and the businessmen should be friends—should be able to form an effective team.  It is possible and it takes work:  internal and external.

They all may have been adept in their fields but the new arena of life presented as an opportunity to them by Jesus was unknown territory.  They would be fraught with running into themselves at a deeper level and finding out there is much to challenge them in their inner thinking and way of being.

Working together would not only insure a livelihood but would become the life-blood of these men.  That team would work to protect each other, provide for each other, learn from each other, grow with each other, be changed in the presence of each other as the vision and goals and work of the Kingdom of God came into sharper focus for them.

Your team and mine needs to continue the intentional development of being a Kingdom-guided team with the greater goals of Kingdom work and expansion in mind.  This overarching vision will provide us, as it did the disciples, with many opportunities for internal and external growth and transformation for our sakes, for His sake and to His glory!

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