the-courageous-follower1The Courageous Follower:
Standing Up to and for Our Leaders

Ira Chaleff
Berrett-Koehler (2003)

It is important to keep in mind that a “follower” is not necessarily someone who never leads; rather, a follower is someone who, in a non-leader situation, nonetheless has ample opportunities to exercise judgment, demonstrate initiative, and offer support to someone who has leadership responsibilities. In other words, the terms “leader” and “follower” have much less to do with rank, title, status, etc. and much more to do with relative authority and responsibility. In the U.S. Marine Corps, for example, senior officers will defer to a non-com who possesses better information. More



By Major Clarence Bradbury, D.Min.

Mentoring is in (again!).  Throughout society there is a movement toward mentoring, with resources widely promoted for education, commerce and community organizations. More

line2Develop A Team Charter

team charterThe team charter defines the team.  It describes the purpose of the team’s existence, identifies the responsibilities of its leader, sets the milestones and the timeline the team is expected to follow, and clarifies the resources the team has available to accomplish its tasks.  Download the resource tool below which includes an assessment guide for developing a team charter. Need help? Contact the staff in the School for Leadership Development at 404 756-2468.

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