February 2017

The Practices of Jesus’ Leadership 

January 2017

The Personhood of Jesus’ Leadership

December 2016

The Otherness of Leadership – Part Three

November 2016

The Otherness of Leadership – Part Two

 October 2016

The Otherness of Leadership – Part One

September 2016

Welcome Jim and Sharon Van Yperen

Leading by Invitation


Nobody’s Perfect ~ But You Have to Be

At the Feet of the Rabbi

Compusive Branding Behavior

Jack McDowell Endows Leadership School

Partners in Leadership

The Leader’s Dashboard

You Can Trust Me

A Generous Presence

Practices of Transformational Leadership

Leading Transformation Articles

Made for Breaking ~ How God Shapes Leaders

Island Reflection – Arrow Leadership

Leaders Shape Leaders @ Regional Training 2011

NAOC 2011 Leadership Connections

Making a Smooth Transition

Officers on the Move