That Special Person – by Jack C. McDowell

In each of our lives there is a special person, an individual who has a broad influence upon how we think and perceive the conditions that influence our thoughts.  From our early years until our latter years there will be such an individual with whom we share our deepest feelings.  This is not to say it will be the same person because our needs change as we mature.  It is to say we will always need someone who understands us and is compassionate in their judgments.  Because of the importance of this individual, it is necessary for us to find a person who possesses the qualities of character we respect and the wisdom to understand our mental and emotional needs.  I believe we relate to such a person through a process of mental and emotional osmosis—a blending of feelings and thoughts that influence our collective thinking.

As our life evolves, our needs change and specific needs arise relating to important aspects of our life.  As a result of these emerging, seasonal needs, we require answers that are often beyond our own experience.  For this reason, I have found it advisable to develop relationships with older more experienced individuals who are willing to share their experiences with me.

If we are prayerful and observant, these special individuals will enter our life.  We must be aware of their existence or they will pass by without entering and impacting our life.  Those who do enter during our formative years influence our development as a person.  Those who enter during our mature years help us to become a positive and contributing member of society.  Those who enter our latter years influence the outlook and contribution (legacy) we make to the lives of others.  Each plays a vital role in the life we live and the attitudes we have toward our position, responsibilities and others who come within the sphere of our influence.

There have been four such individuals in my life that came at critical times and rendered valuable influence.  I received encouragement and recognition in my teen years from the first special person.  The second person gave me a sense of direction and a path that I followed in my professional life.  The third guides me in investing my resources and the fourth helped me to commit to others in a way that will extend beyond my life.  Each of these individuals was uniquely qualified and positioned to speak into and help me fulfill my life in a way that I was unable to do on my own.  Each represented qualities that I held in high esteem and was generous in sharing of their own person and resources.

Because of these individuals, I was helped and none of them sought out or thought about remuneration.  During our lifetime the help we need will come from those most willing to give of themselves to benefit others.  Individuals that have the greatest impact on our lives come as answer to our prayers.

I want you to think about this statement and consider how you can become an answer to someone’s prayer!

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