logoThe Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development began partnering with Arrow Leadership in 2006.  Arrow Leadership enjoys the reputation as one of the world’s foremost Christian leadership development organizations.With a focus on Jesus as the leader, the Arrow Leadership Program offers two leadership streams which are identified below.

Emerging Arrow   
esigned for young leaders (between 25 and 40 years of age), who are serving in ministry.  The focus is primarily on issues related to personal and pastoral leadership with a secondary focus on organizational leadership. Emerging Arrow is structured around five core components: Personal Assessment, On-Going Off-site Mentoring, Customized Personal Leadership Development Plan, Assignments, and Academic Standing. Emerging Arrow is 24 months in length.

Executive Arrow
 Designed for CEO’s and key executives of Christian non-profit organizations, marketplace leaders and executive pastors of large missional churches.  Executive Arrow develops critical skills for practical and strategic organizational leadership based on a foundation of authentic personal leadership. Executive Arrow is a 15-month commitment.  Executive Arrow’s three residential seminars focus on:

  1. Authentic Leadership
  2. Strategic Organizational Leadership
  3. Effective Christian Management

Executive Arrow is structured around six core components: Personal Assessment, Leadership Coach, Leadership Cluster, Leadership Plan, Leadership Training, and Leadership Forums.

Academic Standing
The Arrow Leadership Program is accredited by both Acadia Divinity College and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary as part of an integrated Doctor of Ministry degree (dependent upon additional requirements).

All Arrow Leadership Cohort applications are made through SLD. For more information about the application process please contact SLD at 404-756-2469.

Watch this video about the Arrow Executive Leadership Program