Victory is Ours


John 16:33


Baseball season is coming soon.  Spring training is just around the corner.  I remember a game that I thought was going to be very competitive.  I bought tickets to see this one at the ball park!  The first six innings could have been characterized as ho-hum at best.  Things, however, turned around fast!!

It was the 7th inning and the Braves just really kicked into action.  Their opponent that evening was the New York Mets.  The yawning crowd now began to gain momentum as first one run and then another was knocked home by the Braves.  By the 9th inning the score was tied.

I sat in a section with two Mets fans.  They were bantering with us, yelling “the Braves will never win this game.  You might as well go home now.  This game belongs to the Mets.”  Calmly and quietly I called to them.   The Braves will pull it out in the last.  You just watch.

Sure enough the teams go into overtime.  The Mets had their time at bat, scoring no runs.  It’s the bottom of the inning and up comes the batter that tied the score.  He hits the ball to a perfect position in the outfield allowing the runner at third to come home and score the winning run for that game.  There were high fives and whoops and hollering going on in that section.

I had a measure of calculated confidence in the Braves.  But it was calculated, nevertheless.

Jesus gives a word to his disciples that is more than calculated.  Building on all that he had shared with them that evening, He asserts:  “I have defeated the world.”  It’s a done deal, disciples.  The opponent is beaten.

With that truth in mind, they were to move on in peace and so are we.

No matter what is thrown at us; however difficult the curve balls of life seem; no matter the distance we have to run; whatever the opposition looks like—-VICTORY IS OURS!  God’s word is credible!  The reality of the truth of our victory is not a calculated statement but an eternal fact.  Jesus pulled us out of our defeated position and won the victory for us.

That’s cause for cheers and celebration today!

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